Achilles Won Two Awards in Indonesia Original Brands 2017

Achilles feels proud over the awards received as “The 1st Champion of Indonesia Original Brand 2017&r...


Mercedes Jip Indonesia pay visit to Achilles Radial Factory

PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk as a manufacturer of Achilles Radial and Corsa received a visit from the Mercedes Jip ...


Achilles Desert Hawk H/T2, Perfect Partner for Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner remains favorite among Indonesians. Launched initially back in 2005, the sales of this 7-seater SUV wa...

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Giving Sense of Calm for All Passengers

The balance between comfortable, safe, and quality performance.

  • ATR-Sport tire
    atrk tire title Strong performance and high fraction will provide maximum experience in handling wet tracks, dry tracks, or even when drifting.
  • Desert-Hawk-HT-2 tire
    atrk tire title Comfort driving with excellent performance
  • 868-All-Seasons tire
    atrk tire title Reliable performance in all weather
  • ATR-Sport-2 tire
    atrk tire title Delivering comfort to tire with high quality performance.
  • 2233 tire
    atrk tire title Created for sport enthusiasts, the design of these tires provide a steady grip and control when stepping on gas, brake, or cornering. Tread’s pattern also adds a sense of safety and comfort in driving.
  • 122 tire
    atrk tire title Aggressive but still offering comfort which supported by hydroplaning system’s stability and accuracy. Ready to accompany traveling on major highways.
  • Platinum-7 tire
    atrk tire title High quality but still economical, as well as facilitating maximum maneuverability when handling wet or dry tracks. Specially designed for optimal driving comfort in extreme weather.
  • Platinum tire
    atrk tire title The right choice with maximum performance in varied sizes. Brings the convenience of driving in wet or dry handling on extreme weather.
  • ATR-K tire
    atrk tire title Innovative and simple. K-Car is perfect for combining style, comfort, and safety, as well as supported by fraction and good brakes.
  • Super-Taxi tire
    atrk tire title Not only comfortable, but also stable and durable to friction road.
  • Winter-101x tire
    atrk tire title Perfect choice to go through snowy path with ease. Offers the most powerful brakes with steady traction and is made of unique compounds that give longer durability.
  • Winter-101+ tire
    atrk tire title Alternative winter tires with metal studs along the tire’s surface that will easily dig into snow and ice, creating a good appeal.
  • Winter-101-Studless tire
    atrk tire title Tire without metal studs are able to create good traction and drainage with a unique compound material that supports the low temperature performance.
  • Desert-Hawk-UHP tire
    atrk tire title High quality with comfortable, sturdy, and stylish design. Improves more and more traction when driving with a stable wet and dry handling, and great hydroplaning.
  • Desert-Hawk-HT tire
    atrk tire title Specifically produced to accompany traveling in rough terrain with the cool look and comfortable ride. Symmetrical tread’s pattern will support the appeal for pickups and SUVs throughout the year.
  • Desert-Hawk-AT tire
    atrk tire title Specifically created for off-road, but still provide the best on-road performance. Unique shoulder block design will optimize the controls for easy handling when driving in off-road areas. Side protection also supports gripping on smooth or gravel road.
  • Desert-Hawk-AP tire
    atrk tire title Exclusively designed to maximize the noise-free use of light trucks and SUVs.
  • Desert-Hawk-XMT tire
    atrk tire title Steady performance and ability to withstand tough terrain.
  • Desert-Hawk-MT tire
    atrk tire title Born to accompany your adventure. The stainless steel construction design was created to deal with the extreme surface. With its performance and durability, this tire is the toughest in its class.
  • 838-MT tire
    atrk tire title Excellent off-road performance that is ready to conquer extreme terrain. Durable and able to block the mud well.
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Durable with Maximum Performance

Agile and powerful: the right choice for a wide range of operating your vehicle.

  • Multivan tire
    atrk tire title More durable and designed in details for multifunctional vehicles, such as family or goods transporting car.
  • Econo-Van tire
    atrk tire title Become a mainstay in its class with quality and effective price.
  • LTR-80 tire
    atrk tire title Exceptional performance and resistance to transport heavy goods.
  • Dura-Grip-II tire
    atrk tire title Wise choice for any high mobility and light-duty truck. Enjoy stability enforced from the centerline, and drive smoothly with its tread pattern design combination.
  • 9595 tire
    atrk tire title Gives cool gloss appearance in heavy-lift vehicle, as well as giving the best performance and durability.
  • X-Grip tire
    atrk tire title High quality durable tires. Solid to face the field in all seasons.
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Truck & Bus

Ready to Conquer the Road

Essential element to conquer on-road, off-road, light truck, or heavy-duty truck conditions in comfort and toughness.

  • HD-12 tire
    atrk tire title Perfect match for trucks with durable quality that provides driving comfort and ease.
  • AAA9 tire
    atrk tire title Bus tires that maximize the appeal when wet, and qualified capability to create stability during cornering.
  • AA08 tire
    atrk tire title The right choice for on-road and off-road. Perfect to face muddy and dirt terrain, such as building construction site.
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Win Tournament with Qualified Tire

Support sports cars to achieve their best ability, as well as being an official sponsor of the tournament Ferrari.

  • GS328 tire
    atrk tire title Ferrari's official tire competition in Indonesia is designed with racing compounds and other essential elements. Born ready to face the tournament.
  • 123S tire
    atrk tire title Tires with a tournament standard that also fit for use in everyday life. Designed to look cool and good steering response will be presenting a smooth transition from sprint to cornering.
  • ATR-K-Sport tire
    atrk tire title Designed by Experts, Proven by Champions. The Achilles ATR-K Sport is a street-legal tire born in the field of track racing. Proven by Champions in Touring series all around the world, ATR-K Sport features an aggressive design for your track-racing needs and would still take you back home safe and sound. Specially designed to maximize grip and minimize energy loss during cornering, and the thread design ensures that maximum contact is made between the tires and the ground, giving you fast lap times and one huge grin on your face!
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Solid support is for Forklift

Support Forklift vehicle with solid and steady tires.

  • A-01 tire
    atrk tire title Supporting forklift tires with better traction and more subtle movements.
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