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Final KBS MAM Kapcai Endurance Race Was Rousing
Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Final KBS MAM Kapcai Endurance Series 2013 final that was held at the Sepang Internatinal Circuit, Malaysia on 22 - 23 February, 2013 January was rousing. This can be seen from the enthusiasm of the audience that has attended at the Sepang International Circuit with the the total of approximately 5000 people. This last series is different from the previous kapcai series because the finals series was attended by several prominent figures, namely: Indonesia's Ambassador for the Government of Malaysia, Mr. Herman Prayitno; The Chairman of Sepang International Circuit, Mr. Dato 'Mohd Zanidan and The CEO of Sepang International Circuit, Mr. Dato' Razlan. Furthermore, Corsa also bring in a total of 65 stores from all over Indonesia to witness the most prestigious endurance race event in Malaysia.

This final series was followed by a total of 120 motorcycles, with 1 motorcycle used by 4 riders. All riders in this series are still using R46 Corsa tires which is the official tire of MAM KBS Kapcai Endurance Race. This is a very proud achievement for Corsa as this is the first time Indonesia motorcycle tires could sponsor the
most prestigious endurance race event in Malaysia. Every rider in this series has spent the average of 2-3 sets of tires during the race and in a race that lasted for 4 hours they have spent a total of 60-65 laps on the 5.542 meter long circuit. This result shows that the performance and condition of Corsa tires R46 is very satisfying for all riders.

Stay tuned to further progress of Corsa in the world of local and international motorsport! [and]