Quintessential Tires Characters For Drifting

Drifting, an art combines high-speed driving skills with control, which is currently popular ranging from the professional level to the hobby. Drifting is a driving technique where the driver attempted to make the car is in a tilted position and slid from side to side at high speed as long as possible. To Perform drifting, drifter usually only use second gear and hand brake to perform high-level technique.

Well for those of you who want to try drifting, certainly a lot to be prepared so that your car is ready for drifting. One of the most important part is the tires, given the nature of drifting always perform slide movement. Drifting required for a tire with a different character from the other races. The main character suitable for drifting is a tire with excellent traction, good handling and durability.

Traction is very important to support the engine power. Due to the level of a tire traction determine goodness deliver power produced by the engine into the pavement so the car can move. So if the power generated is large but small tire traction, it will be useless. While the resistance of car tires is very important for performance of the cars while drifting, to stay in good condition until the end of drifting. Because when drifting tires would be inedible. So if the tire is not strong, the tires will run out before the completion of drifting.

Car tires with traction, handling and durability character in the Achilles series, you can select Achilles ATR Sport 2, or 123S. Achilles ATR Sport 2 capable to drifting because it has Block Interlocking Tread Block and Matric Technology on the tire tread to maintain stability when maneuvering at high speed. While Directional Tread Design maximizes vehicle traction. In other words, the entire power generated by the engine will delivered optimally to the road surface. Both in the wet and dry road.

While Achilles 123S is tire with a tournament standart. With the tire unique round tread design can easily transition from straight-line sprints to the high-speed cornering. Produce perfect handling with ease. Reinforced design and stiff shoulder blocks, maintain traction when maneuvering at high speed. In other words, minimizing the possibility of slipping while drifting.

Both of those Achilles tires series are suited for drifting because it has character excellent traction, good handling and durable. Both tires has also proved its reliability. Because it has been used by the champions drift in national and international competitions


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