Satria Muda Pertamina: “Return Stronger” to Win Championship

Satria Muda Pertamina optimistic to get title in the new season of the national basketball league, the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL). It was submitted in a press conference held yesterday on January 11, 2017 at the Mezzanine Ballroom Pertamina. "Return Stronger" is Satria Muda core mission to lead the way to victory.

At the press conference was also attended by Erick Thohir, Commissioner of PT Indonesia Sport Venture, owner of this national basketball team. The new system was implemented this season. Starting from the coaches to the players. Armed with this renewal, Satria Muda have confidence will take home the champion title.

"Whatever the challenge, we will face in order to come out as a winner, I stressed the importance of a winning mentality to children. I believe that all of it is implemented well, a matter of technique, physical, and the other is no longer a problem, "said Pertamina Satria Muda new coach of this season, Youbel Sondakh.

Achilles also attended as a sponsor to support the success of Satria Muda Pertamina team. Achilles as Indonesian national tire manufacturers have always given support to the football and basketball clubs that have potential to advancing the world of Indonesia sports.

"Satria Muda Pertamina Team has often achieved highly and it should continue to be supported. Achilles will vigorously continue to support the trip of Satria Muda Pertamina to be a winner and continue to excel. Achilles did this to let the world know that the Indonesian people have the talent to be proud of, "said Achilles Marketing Manager Katahrine Wianna.

Additionally, Achilles supported Satria Muda Pertamina, also want to witness the birth of Indonesian talented player in the basketball world. Achilles did not want to miss to get invelved in development of Indonesia sports world into a better direction.


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