Paris Saint-Germain Academy Inaugural Training: Indra Sjafri Teaches Passing, Bachdim Teaches Dribbling

After launched last Saturday, 4th December 2016 at Balai Budaya, Gianyar. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Academy Bali finally gathered 56 kids to join. Football school was initiated by Achilles and Corsa was implementation of collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain

Wearing Paris Saint-Germain jersey, children from various age group look enthusiastic with the training on Saturday morning (28/1)  Tri Sakti Field, Legian. The participant was divided into three age groups. Grassroots group (9-12 years old), youth formative phase (13-15 years old) and final formative phase (16-19 years old). Since the training started at 07.00 WITA, all the participant looks very passionate. Training topic on this training is to do passing correctly. Passing correctly is one of important football basic skill.

The training was given by Bali United coach team as Bali United manager coach Indra Sjafri, coach assistant Eko Purjianto and Made Pasek Wijaya, with Bali United U-21 head coach Wayan Arsana. Bali United player attendance on the training field is also given boost to all participant spirits. Irfan Bachdim, I Kadek Wardana, I Nyoman Sukarja, and Miftahul Hamdi are also giving tutorial to all Paris Saint-Germain Academy Bali participants. Irfan Bachdim is also giving special session about dribbling technique. All the participant looks inspired by the professional football player in front of them.

After the training, Bali United manager coach admitted he was very happy with all the academy participant enthusiasm. For the next step, Indra Sjafri will give football basic skill.

 “I am very appreciated all the children who participates on Paris Saint-Germain Bali, for today training curriculum we focused on passing. After passing, we will continue with another football basic skill, such as control and dribbling technique. Those three basic skill have to be mastered first to become football player,” said Indra Sajfri

Paris Saint-Germain Academy hosted by Bali United will never be happen without Achilles and Corsa support, who want to support Indonesia football. With toughness and bigger dream, Achilles and Corsa is optimistic to accompany Indonesian children toward world class football.

“We never expected this kind of enthusiasm from the children, to surpassed number of participant that we expected. Until now we still open for children who want to join because its very shame to miss their potentials. We know everything need process. We believe on the idea to develop Indonesian children football skill with Paris Saint-Germain methods toward a better way.” said Pieter Tanuri President Director of PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk, as the manufacturer of Achilles and Corsa. After yesterday training, Paris Saint-Germain Academy training will routinely held every Wednesday noon and Saturday morning. Paris Saint-Germain Academy is still open for more children who want to join on


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