Pertamax Motorsport Team Holds Press Conference, Announcing Steps for 2017

After in 2016 Pertamax Motorsport Team compete in IXOR series, now they’re preparing for the upcoming event. Pertamax Motorsport Team holds press conference at Bluegrass Bar & Grill on Monday (13/2) to announce their strategic plan on 2017.

One interesting point according to the press confrence that was holds on daytime is “Kejuaraan Nasional Indonesia Open Championship X-Treme Offroad Racing (IXOR)” will be merged with Pertamax Sprint Rally Championship to become one event. “Basically, the community of off-road and rally sprint equally compete on the dirt track, with a similar track, car type being the only difference. This new event aims to strengthen mutual relations and solidarity between two communities, so they can become bigger.” Said Rifat Sungkar as Pertamax Motorsport Director.

For the other automotive category, still going to be held, like drifting, speed off-road, drag bike, sprint rally, and road race completion. Two main events are Pertamax Drift Championship and Pertamax Drag Bike Championship.

On yesterday press conference, they also were announcing two new members for their team. The new member is Glenn Nirwan and Buche Febrico. These new drivers are expected to add strength for their team, which already had Rifat Sungkar, Rizal Sungkar, Yedidiah Soerjosoemarno, Rio Saputro Budihardjo, and Lucky Reza as racing driver.

Achilles as official tire that had support Pertamax Motorsport last year, welcomed their positive step on 2017. Partnership on several drifting completion and other category has been scheduled by Achilles and Pertamax Motorsport Team. Hopefully in the year of 2017 their achievement will be higher due to team work and Achilles supports.


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