Uncovering 5 Myths around Car Tire

One of seldom noticed parts in one’s car is tire. Owner usually only glance this round rubber made object. If it is not inflated or the tread remains visible, owner is satisfied with the tires’ condition. Many still don’t understand how important tire is.

This problem is made worse by the myths about tire widely circulated. This can be dangerous if people believe to these untrue myths. To clarify the myths about tire, Achilles team will discuss those myths as follows.

Myth:     It is better to reduce tire pressure during raining in order to maximize traction.

Fact:     Not True. Reducing tire pressure will increase the surface of tread but this will not increase traction. This in turn will reduce tire ability to reduce water sideways. Ideally, tire pressure is according to manufacture recommendation to get the same performance both in wet and dry condition, not based on tire pressure. This matter is also influenced by tread design. For instance, The tire with maximum tread design for maximum performance in wet and dry condition is Achilles 868 All Season.

Myth:     Car tire may explode at any time.

Fact:     Not true. This thing will not be happening as long as the tire is normal. This happens because previously the tire already broken down, such as there is broken patch.

Myth:     The thinner tire profile, the more vulnerable it is

Fact:     Not entirely true. Under normal usage on the smooth road, thin profile tires will last longer, due to higher traction so that the tires’ tread rarely shifted to the asphalt. But, if you often pass the damaged roads, this thin profile tire is vulnerable especially if you are not careful

Myth:     Spooring affects tire wear.

Fact:     True. Spooring is one of main factors affecting tire wear. Wrong method of spooring will make tire wear becoming uneven and faster. The ideal spooring is done every 10,000 km.

Myth:     Dirty tire is more easily deflated

Fact:     True. During raining, dust or mud will easily get in between tire and rim. This can cause leakage so that the air will come out slowly. To prevent this to happen, clean your tire regularly.


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