Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT, Tire designed for Extreme Track

Achilles Radial, present in 93 countries around the world, committed to provide good quality products for its worldwide customers. This commitment is shown by having the best tires in the market. Achilles also released tire for super extreme track, called Desert Hawk X-MT.

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT is an offroad tire with specific tread, and great ability. The ability of Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT in conquering tough terrain has been proven in Indonesia eXtreme Offroad Racing (IXOR). Up to now, Rifat Sungkar, Rizal Sungkar and Yedidiah Soerjoesoemarno always rely on Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT in conquiering IXOR track.

“Thanks Achilles. The tire is suitable for every weather condition. I used X-MT yesterday in dry condition, and it was fine too” said Rifat Sugkar after IXOR 2017 Series I.

What makes Desert Hawk X-MT so popular among national racers? The most important feature of this tire is aggressive tire tread. This feature makes better traction power and tire endurance. Traction and braking performance will also improve although in extreme terrain.

Desert Hawk X-MT is also equipped with X-Design Sidewall Protection technology. X-Design Sidewall Protection is a useful technology to protect sidewall from sharp objects or stones, improves endurance towards any damage, and additional traction better than sidewall.

This tire is also equipped with Three Steps Block technology, to give better traction in all terrain, minimize tread block during turning, and maximize stability and grip.

Overall, Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT is suitable for you in your favorite jeep in very rough terrain. With all its abilities, Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT will increase your confidence in conquering even the very extreme terrain.


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