Amandio Won Top 8 in Round 6 King of Asia Drift Championship 2017 Malaysia

Competing in the international arena is always a dream for all drifters. It is an immense pride representing our country overseas. One of them is Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio, Achilles’s top Drifter representing Indonesia in Round 6 King of Asia Drift Championship 2017, managed to stay in the Top 8. The competition held in Malaysia on 8-9 July 2017, gave certain experience for Amandio in competing with legends in drifting Asia.

King of Asia (KOA) is related to King of Europe (KOE), previously held in Europe. King of Asia itself is part of King of Nations and at the same level with King of Europe, King of Dessert (Middle East) and King of South America. With the view of expanding around the world, KOE created a championship titled King of Nations.

Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio is quite satisfied although he failed to win the top spot in the podium. Fortunately, its fellow Indonesian drifter, Akbar Rais, managed to win the second place in Round 6 King of Nation upon beaten by Tengku Djan (Malaysia). There is a certain admiration for this drifter. Amandio has tried its best to make a smooth run, neat power drift, and not once touching any cones when he was in action.

It is with a big heart that he admits the power of his car is less powerful than his rival especially when in tandem. But nevertheless, from the beginning Amandio remains optimistic and had strong determination to win the race. This attitude drew admiration from his rivals although the car’s capability is far from par. “The problem is only on the car, we only used 4AGE  1.6L cc, the smallest among the crowd, so we really must set the strategy right”

No matter what the result is, Achilles as the supporter with its tire Achilles 123S remains proud of Amandio. Amandio as the face of Indonesia in the International Motorsport Event has proven that Achilles Radial can compete with other international tire manufacturers. Hopefully, this competition can become a good ground for Amandio to prepare for the next race, “For the next step, we will take part in FIA Drift World Cup in Japan. This time we will use better car” said Dio at the end of the race day yesterday.

All the efforts and preparation made by Amandio and the team have made will not end in vain. There are still other competitions waiting to be conquered. Keep following Instagram @Achilles_Radial to get the latest update on the next race.


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