Back to ISSOM Round 3

Few weeks has passed since the forst series of the biggest racing event in Indonesia, Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM), now back for the third series. Starting tomorrow, 22-23 July 2017, Sentul is going to be hot again with the actions of racers in this ISSOM series. Back to giving support to European Touring Car Championship (ETCC), Achilles is confident that its support is suitable by using Achilles ATR-K Sport tire.

ATR-K Sport tire is designed to have maximum performance in high speed condition. As you all probably know already, ETCC merupakan is the racing class specifically for European cars with large engine capacity. With this combination, ATR-K Sport is the right choice to win the podium.

The ETCC caregory in ISSOM 2017 will be divided into two class, namely EURO 2000 and EURO 3000. Each class will also be divided into four sub-class, that is Pro, Master, Promotion, and Novice. The following is the name of racers that will compete in ISSOM 2017 and supported by Achilles:

There will be upcoming interesting stories from the series of ISSOM. Do not miss the fun side of ISSOM 2017 that will dig deeper into racing world. Keep following the Instagram @Achilles_Radial that will give us the live update report from Sentul.


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