4th Series of ETCC is held in BSD City Grand Prix

One month passed by from the third series, the prestigious car racing in Indonesia, European Touring Car Championship (ETCC), will be held for the fourth series, tomorrow from 19-20 Agustus 2017. If the previous three series were held in Sentul International Circuit, this series will be a special one since it is held in road circuit of BSD City, titled BSD City Grand Prix.

ETCC will be divided into two classes, EURO 2000 and EURO 3000. This class is based on engine capacity. Each class is divided into four sub-classes, namely Pro, Master, Promotion, and Novice.

Like previous series, Achilles is supporting the ETCC 2000 and ETCC 3000. Achilles is confident that its supported class is suitable for Achilles ATR-K Sport and 123S. Those two tire classes have extraordinary grip ability. Therefore, they are suitable for cars with extreme power, such as the one used in ETTC.

Achilles also lend its support to racers competing in this event. The following list is the names of racers supported by Achilles:

There will be interesting stories in the track of road circuit of BSD City tomorrow. Don’t miss the excitement of 4th Series of ETCC 2017. Keep following the Instagram @Achilles_Radial that will give live report from BSD City.


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