Achilles ATR-K Sport, Champions’ Best Tires

As original tire from Indonesia recognized in 103 countries, Achilles strives to give world class products. This commitment is proven by producing the best car tires for all types of vehicles. Tire for street legal competition is also produced. One of the tire produced by Achilles for competition is called ATR-K Sport.

Achilles ATR-K Sport is a tire designed by the experts and proven by champions of Touring series. Well known names in touring championship in Indonesia rely on ATR-K Sport for their big engine cars.

What makes this tire so popular among race car drivers? The key feature of this tire is the aggressive tire thread. It is specially designed to maximize the grip dan minimize the energy loss during turning. Its tire design is to ensure maximum contact between the tire and the road, which will make the race car drivers achieving their best lap time.

Achilles ATR-K Sport is also equipped with “Supreme Dot” technology. This technology is useful to eliminate heat from the track by widening the surface area, therefore maximizing the grip along race tracks.

This tire also has solid “Center Rib” design. This feature stabilizes the car during speeding up in straight line track. This in turn makes car handling increase dramatically. Achilles ATR-K Sport is also equipped with rim guard. This rim guard is to protect the alloy from any collision or friction.

With all the features in hand, Achilles ATR-K Sport is suitable for those who like to drive in high speed, as a hobby or for competition. Having already tested in national and international touring championship, Achilles ATR-K Sport will help increasing your cars’ performance and make you smile in the finish line.


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