Rifat Sungkar on the Podium at IXOR 2017 Fourth Round

Indonesia X-treme Off Road Racing 2017 fourth raound  was successfully held on Saturday (7/10) to Sunday (8/10). This fourth series took place in Paramount Land Circuit, Gading Serpong. Just like the third series, this fourth series is also followed by hundreds national offroaders. Not to miss was Achilles supported offroaders, Rifat Sungkar from Pertamax Motorsport Team, also took part in this fourth series.

The sunny weather in Paramount Land Circuit on the race day on Sunday (22/5) But this did not discourage the offroaders to set the best time in the track.

Rifat Sungkar from Pertamax Motorsport Team raced in Group G5.4 driving brand new vehicle on this series.  Rifat Sungkar racing with M. Redwan as navigator managed to complete four specials of first stage perfectly without any penalty, with record time of 14:52.702.

With the result on the four specials of first stage, Rizal Sungkar won the right to race in fifth and sixth stage. This fifth and sixth special was followed by ten fastest offroaders in each class. They are racing to find the champion of fourth series IXOR 2017. With Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT size 305/70 R17, Rifat compete to make the fastest time. On the fifth special stage, Rifat recorded 03:25.526 time. On the sixth special stage, Rifat improve his time with record time of 03:24.557. Rifat Sungkar and M. Redwan managed to won second position at IXOR 2017 Rd.4 with total  record time of 06:50.083.

The excitement of IXOR 2017 surely will not end in Gading Serpong. Wait for the next Achilles supported offroader in the fifth series of IXOR 2017 to be held on next November!


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