Continuing its support in Automotive and Soccer, Achilles Radial Introduces its Heroes in Breakfasting and Soccer Match Gathering

Sunday (27/5) afternoon in Pulau Dua Resto, Taman Ria Senayan, PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk proudly introduced its winning team coinciding with breakfasting event with the media, which has become annual agenda.

The event was officiated with opening speech by Verriandy as Nasional Sales Manager Corsa, saying that “We are very happy that in this Ramadhan, we can still gather together to strengthen relationship among us. Today, we will also introduce to our media partners, or winning sports team from #TeamAchilles and #TeamCorsa this year. We hope that in the future, we can continue to give proudest achievements to our country” he said.

Achilles as the car tire manufactured by PT Multistrada has been actively giving its support to the automotive world, both in domestic and international arena. It is already a commitment to support the automotive world, and this year Achilles lent its support to some teams in ETCC 2000CC and 3000CC such as Privat Auto Garage with its notable racers Posma Panggabean and Ivan Dumais in the ETCC 3000 class, BMW Tim Astra with its well known racer Gerry Nasution in the ETCC 3000 class, ABM Racing Team, and Jakarta Ban Racing Team.

Not only to ETCC 2000 and 3000, in the Drift Championship this year, Achilles deployed its flagship drifters, such as Amandio, Ikhsan Utama, and Evan P of Intersport Drift Team, Dipo D and Ziko H of BSI Drift Team and Chandra K and Yuki F of HTJRT Team.

In the mean time, to continue its support in Soccer, Corsa for this started forming a serious relationship with 11 clubs playing under League 1, League 2, and League 3.
The following the the line-up of #TeamCorsa for this year:

League 1: PSMS Medan, Persib Bandung, Persija Jakarta, PSIS Semarang, Arema FC, Bali United. In the League 2: Persis Solo, and PSS Sleman, In the League 3: Celebest FC and Bogor FC

Akhmad Nursyamsu as Head of Brand Activation and Sport Activity at PT MSA said in his statement, “Giving support in soccer has been our concern since 2009 when we started supporting Persib, then branching out by adding another clubs one at the time. This year, we are supporting 11 clubs in total. We hope to continue our support in soccer in the future” he said.

Looking at the seriousness of Corsa in its business, last month Corsa officially launched its new product called Corsa Platinum Cross S, a tire that is designed to become dual purpose tire and suitable for touring enthusiast, whom always facing off-road dan on-road conditions.

The tire supported by combination of carbon black and silica technology can produce 50% more durable compound than any other compoung without reducing its grip between the tire and asphalt.


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