Achilles 122: The Versatile Choice For Your Vehicle!


As the only component of a motor vehicle that is in direct contact with the road, the tire is a component that we should pay serious attention. As a company that cares about the environment, Achilles Radial also gives extra attention to preserving the environment. One way to contribute to preserving this earth is to present to the customers a tire made with environmentally friendly materials: The Achilles 122!

(Our tires love the earth!)

The Achilles 122 is an Eco Tire tire designed using the latest technology from Achilles Radial, and already meets the standards both nationally and internationally. If you have a hatchback type car, SUV, Sedan, Coupe, MPV or Mini Van; Achilles 122 is able to satisfy all.

Achilles 122's toughness is present through an aggressive pattern tires that could provide good hydroplaning function. The tire is also equipped with a strong center rib, to provide the best stability on dry and wet roads. Designed also with four grooves in the tread design, maximizing the performance of drainage on road surfaces to avoid Hydroplaning, so don’t be afraid to get on those wet roads Achilles Mates!

To this date, Achilles has been entrusted by various car manufacturers to be the OEM tire of the cars rolling out of their production lines, and Achilles 122 became one of the best options for LCGC vehicles, by promoting the concept of Green contained in the Achilles 122.

(Wide range of manufacturers have trusted Achilles Radial)

For your vehicle, whether large or small, Trust Achilles 122 to accompany your journey; whenever, wherever!

Click to see the complete size line-up of Achilles 122, and get to your nearest tire dealer to get them, Achilles Mates!


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