2nd Series of ISSOM 2016 Is Back in Sentul Circuit

Jakarta – After the successful launch of first Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) 2016 on the 5th and 6th March 2016 in Snetul International Circuit, the second series of this event is held again on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016.

In this year’s ISSOM, Achilles is trusted as the partner for the ETCC (European Touring Car Championship) event which is using the One Make Tire Achilles Radial system. This new race regulation has been tried in the first series and will be applied in each series along the race season. Achilles also supported this event by guaranteeing the availability of motorsport tire type GS328, ATR-K Sport and 123S.

“The applied One Make Tire Achilles Radial system during the event of ISSOM 2016 is a big trust for us. Therefore, we can witness together the toughness of Achilles Radial tires in the biggest motorsport event in the country. We are also open for any suggestion which will surely be useful for the development of our products in the future,” said M. Zein Saleh as the marketing manager of PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk.

A number of race class which is presented in ISSOM 2016 consisted of Super Car Championship (SCC), Super Touring Car Championship (STC), European Tour Car Championship (ETCC – Kejurnas), Indonesia Retro Race (IRR), Mbina Cup, Oldskull Race, dan Indonesia Touring Car Championship (ITCC – Kejurnas).

Several teams which are supported by Achilles in ISSOM 2016:

  • Jakarta Ban Motorsport (ETCC 3000, ETCC 2000, Super Car Championship, Super Touring Championship, Indonesia Retro Race Class)
  • ABM Motorsport (ETCC 3000, ETCC 2000, Super Car Championship, Super Touring Championship, Indonesia Retro Race Class)
  • Sendi Setiawan (ETCC 2000 & Super Touring Class)
  • Evan Pratama – Fresh Fruit Motorsport (ETCC 3000 Class)
  • Ahmad Sadewa – D’Spec Motorsport (ETCC 3000 Class)
  • Gerry Nasution – BMW Astra Cilandak (ETCC 2000 & Super Touring Class)
  • M. Herdi – B16_Apspeed (Super Touring Class)
  • A. Zaki – Landy Land (Super Touring Class)


In this second series, it has been a grand moment for ETCC for it has been officially announced as a National Championship or “Kejurnas” by the Chief of IMI, Mr. Sadikin Aksa.

The following is the race result of ETCC Euro 3000, yesterday’s ISSOM 2nd Series:

               Euro 3000 :

  1. Ahmad Sadewa – D’Spec Motorpsort
  2. Benny Santoso – Sigma Speed
  3. Rudy SL – Jakarta Ban Motorsport


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