Achilles continues to Support The MBSL 4th Golf Charity Tournament 2016

For the 4th time in a row, Mercedes-Benz SL (MBSL) Club Indonesia returns to present the MBSL 4th Golf Charity Tournament 2016. Achilles Radial proudly gives their support towards this event, which will be held on the upcoming May 17th 2016. Klub Golf Bogor Raya, Perumahan Golf Estate- Bogor, was chosen as the venue of this charity event,

Golf was chosen as a sport that is known to build better relationship between stakeholders who are participating in the golf tournament. Besides that, in this event, there will be a fundraising event which all of the collected funds will be donated for the MBSL Club Indonesia Social Services Event.

Achilles hopes with the support given towards the MBSL Golf Charity Tournament, this event could be the melting pot between all of the participants from different backgrounds. It is known that around 150 participants that has already joined this event comes from different fields of business, such as Banking, IT, Telecommunications, Pharmacy, Automotive, Food Industry, Restaurant, Mining, and Heavy Equipment Industries.


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