Achilles Continue to Spread Its wings in National and International Markets

Achilles as one of the tire manufacturers from Indonesia keep expanding in the National and International market. Had success with the production of Achilles Desert Hawk H / T2 and Achilles 868 Achilles did not make a stop innovating. Achilles will keep innovating to create other top tire that will be marketed throughout the world in harmony with the vision of the company as a leader and trendsetter in the tire industry.

For passenger cars, Achilles introduce pattern Achilles Radial 868, a product that is believed to be well suited to the wet or dry roads with some of the latest technological innovations in it.

Achilles 868 is equipped with a number of technologies, such as the large shoulder blocks that create the strength and stiffness of the tires to provide exceptional handling ability. Then four wide grooves circumference on the tire tread, which will make 868 Achilles has a very good grip in the wet and dry roads. Meanwhile, to improve traction on wet roads, Achilles 868 is also equipped with all season sipe technology in the tread. Assymetrical pattern technology also complements the excellent stability in high speed in a straight line and when he was devoured corner. Of all these technologies, Achilles 868 cleaning technology excellent dry and wet grip.

While Achilles Desert Hawk H / T2 is a tire designed for SUV which is the successor of Achilles Desert Hawk H / T that already a success in advance. Born from the latest European technology, Achilles Desert Hawk H / T2 is believed to provide comfort and toughness when driving. Achilles Desert Hawk H / T 2 comes with excellent capabilities silent noise technology, provide driving comfort without any disturbing noise. Because the sound emitted by tires is so relatively small only about 71db. In addition to reliable performance, the physical form of Achilles Desert Hawk H / T2 will give a tough look to the SUV.

Achilles Desert Hawk H / T2 is made from a special compound that is more durable that will make this tire has a much greater distances than its predecessor. It is also equipped with the technology of large shoulder blocks for creating strength and stiffness of the tire which serves to provide exceptional handling ability. The tire also has a solid technology center rib and interlocking tread blocks on the tread surface. While the interlocking tread block technology will give the driver the ability devouring corner better.

As information, Achilles Desert Hawk H / T2 is available in 31 different size options. Ranging from 16 to 21. Meanwhile, Achilles 868 is available in 51 different sizes, ranging 13 to size 18. The two Achilles Radial tire that debuted in 2016 is a form of Achilles commitment, as Indonesia tires manufarer to continue expanding on national and international markets.


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