Holds 1st Place in 2018 National Championship Five SS Sprint Rally Series 4, RFT Motorsport Satisfied With Achilles Performance ATR K SPORT

The fourth round of the 2018 Sprint Rally National Championship after being held for two days (15-16 / 9 2018) in Sentul PPMP area with an asphalt track. In this series, Achilles is proud to support two teams, the RFT Motorsport and BRM Motorsport team.

Under the heat of sun in Bogor, the racers' battle to be the fastest was very exciting. In this series, the organizer provides 5 Special Stage by dividing it into three types. For the first and second SS, there was the normal path, in the third SS, the organizers reversed the path (reverse), and in the fourth and fifth SS, there was a new track with a longer distance. Overall, the circuit of Canti Dharma, PMPP, Sentul, Bogor, has a track length of 20.30 kilometers.

Driving Mitshubisi Evo, Rizal Sungkar and Edwin (navigator) from the RFT Motorsport Team managed to win the first place in the five SS. Rizal told about this victory enthusiastically, "Thank God, we (me and Edwin) swept the five SSs in these two days to be the fastest with 30 seconds ahead," he said proudly. Having a total length of track of 20.30 kilometers, pebbles and boulders challenged the drivers to remain stable in maintaining their speed. Rizal recounted his experience as being the first winner, "Thank God, for two days, from the SS1 there was no problem. We saw that the track was very suitable with our tires performance because on this Tarmac track, tire was the main factor and also determined victory." he said.

Choosing Achilles ATR K Sport as his tires, Rizal expressed his satisfaction in using ATR K Sport during the 4th series yesterday, "The ATR K-Sport from Achilles has very good performance, the compound is also soft, the grip is maximum, the design pattern and groove is also very good, so the groove don't have so much trouble in getting rid off the sand. The grip was called slik, because this tire is designed with a semi-slick that works well with the 18 rims we use today and with power of 320/horse the tire can keep us always at maximum performance ” he explained.

Akhmad Nursyamsu as Head of Brand Activation and Sport Activity of PT Multistrada expressed his congratulations to Rizal Sungkar and Edwin who won the championship in the 4th series. Achu (nickname) said, "We congratulate you on the victory of Rizal and Edwin & Rifat and M. Redwan, and also for the entire team that we support who made it to the finish and complete the fifth SS without experiencing problems" he said.


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