Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015 Successfully Held in Surabaya

Thousands of Surabaya inhabitants have witnessed the excitement of Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015 at Parkir Barat Lenmarc Mall Surabaya. The festival, which was officially opened by the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini on Sunday morning, and was closed by Kotak band on Sunday night.

Mogu Mogu AMF 2015 held on 15-16 August 2015 was one of the biggest Motorsport festival in Indonesia. Besides drift competition, Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival 2015 also held RC drift competition, exclusive car show, automotive marketplace, food truck festival, and motorcycle drifting show.

Numerous entertainment shows were added in this festival to gain a wider audience, such as dance performance, female DJ performance, and flash mob dance.

Also at this festival, an open wheel formula car which was built by Indonesian students from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya (ITS) was launched. The formula car, named Sapu Angin Speed III, was built by the Sapu Angin Team ITS. The car will be competing in Student Formula Japan (SFJ) 2015.

“AMF 2015 second series successfully held with the support of many people. We really appreciated the government’s support, especially the mayor (of Surabaya), Mrs. Tri Rismaharini. Achilles will continue the festival to the third series on October in Jakarta. We hope that this festival will give big impact for the advancement of Motorsport in Indonesia ” said Adrie Yahya, brand activation 4W of Achilles Radial.

The winner of the pro class is Lucky Reza. The runner up is Ikhsan and in the third place is Evan.

On the rookie class, the winner is Farhan. On the second place is Adi and third place is Chandra.

First place in novice class is Agung,  second place is Binar and third place is Cefiro Chiu.

For the best qualifying award goes to Rayhan Ally.

Best drift impact awarded to Michael.

Best outfit won by Andre BMW 24.

Best drift angle awarded to Jorge.

Nauval won the best drift speed.

The Favorite drift award goes to Theo.

Best Achilles Looking Car won by Ziko.

Best drift smoke won by Andhi.

After the awarding session finished, Kotak band was on stage to entertain the audience and close the Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015. Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015 is a drift series competition which enables drifters to collect their points on each series. On June 6, Mogu Mogu AMF 2015 first series successfully held on at the Mandala Krida Stadium, Yogyakarta. The third series of the festival will be held in Jakarta on October 10, 2015.

If you have any questions or require further information, don’t hesitate to email us on You can also find Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival 2015 on instagram @achillesradial and @mslideproject, hastag #amfsby #amf2015.

About Achilles in Motorsport

Achilles has participated in the world of Motorsport since 2009 in Achilles Drift Battle (ADB), which is a series of Indonesia International Motor Show 2009. Then, in the next year couple of years, Achilles sponsored the organizing of Formula Drift 2010 and Formula Drift 2011.

In 2012, Achilles supported the D1 Grand Prix in Japan, one of the drifting pioneer countries. In 2013, Achilles participated in the King of Europe and Drift Allstars. Then in 2014, again, Achilles participated in Thailand Drift Series (TDS) and the Australian Drifting Grand Prix  (ADGP).

This year, Achilles also supports the outgrowth of the Australia Drift School, by giving a special price on the Motorsport tire pattern 123s to the Australia origin drifting school.


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