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Many people often ask this, but only few could find the answer: Are there any rules or guidelines for washing a car? Achilles would like to show you some little Tips and Tricks when washing your precious car, so check this one out Achilles Mates!

(Don't let improper car washing ruin your precious car's paintjob!)

(-) Never try to wash your car when the body is still hot, such as: right after driving or after it's parked under direct sunlight for a while. Heat could make soap and water dry quicker, making the washing process more difficult and increases the likelihood of spots or water stains on your car.

(-) Don’t move the sponge in a circular movement. This could cause light scratches, often called swirl marks. Instead, move the sponge is elongated one directional movement, in the hood and other body panels. And do not directly use a sponge that has fallen on to the ground without thoroughly rinsing it clean. Sponges can take particles of dirt from the ground that can scratch the paint (Yikes!).

(Apply the cleaning solution evenly throughout the car.)

(+) Rinse all surfaces thoroughly with water before you start washing to remove dirt and dust which can cause fine scratches. After that, concentrate on one section at a time, washing and rinsing each area completely before moving on to the next one. This ensures that you have plenty of time to wash before the soap dries. Start from the top, and work your way to the bottom of the car. You can also use a hose without a nozzle and let the water flow over the car down by itself down. This can help minimize flooding water on the top of the car.

(Work your way down when rinsing the cleaning solution.)

(+) Mix your soap with water until it becomes foamy (make sure the mixture has lots of foam!) In order to provide enough lubrication on the paint surface to avoid scratches. And rinse the sponge frequently. Use a separate bucket to rinse the dirty sponge, so it wouldn't contaminate the bucket filled with foamy cleaning solution.


Then, how do I dry my car after I’ve completed the wash?

(Looks nice when it's dried properly, doesn't it?)

(-) Don't let your car dry by itself (Air-dry), It would either leave water marks caused by the deposition of minerals from the water. In addition, don’t use rough or abrasive towels, foreign materials could leave fine scratches in the paint of your car.

(+) Use a chamois (natural or synthetic) or a soft towel. If you choose a towel, you probably will need several to dry your car. The best way to remove water from your car is picking the water up with the type of cloth of your choice, not by dragging a towel or chamois over your car paint. Using a squeegee could also help dry your car quicker, but make sure the rubber is soft enough so you won’t ruin your car’s paint.

(You can also use tire wax to keep your tires looking fresh and clean.)

(+) Make sure that the sponge that you use to apply soap to your car, is different to that used for washing the tires and wheels. Because wheels and tires often catches dirt / dust more than the body, which is not easy to clean despite having been wiped by a sponge. Moreover the dirt and dust sticks harder to the sponge, and if you use that sponge to wipe your car body, the surface of the paint in the body will be scratched by the dust.


(Special thanks to for some insights about washing cars)

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