Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015 Is Ready to Rock Surabaya

Next week on August 15-16, 2015, Achilles will support one of the biggest Motorsport events in Indonesia, Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015, the second series. This festival will be held at Parkir Barat Lenmarc Mall, Surabaya.

Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival 2015 aims to vivify Motorsports in Indonesia especially drifting. Achilles together with Mogu Mogu held this big event as the main sponsor and Mslide as the event organizer.

Aside from being main sponsor, Achilles also supports 13 drifters from the professionals to the rookies to compete in this drift competition. The drifters who have long waited for this kind of festival prepared themselves well by enhancing their vehicle’s performance. Achilles has also provided 100 sets of RC drift tires for the RC Drift Challenge.

The Achilles RC drift tire is indeed a special tire that is very suitable for RC fans. In this RC Drift Challenge, One Make Tire Achilles system is used. Numerous rewards are also awarded in this competition.

“Motorsport is the kind of activities that will always get Achilles Radial’s support. As a world class brand, on 2015 Achilles Radial has proved their commitment to develop drifting in Indonesia by supporting three series of Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival 2015,” said Adrie Yahya, Achilles Radial’s Marketing Manager.

Kotak Band, one of the most renowned Indonesian bands will also entertain the festival crowd. Besides the drift competition, in Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival 2015 there will also be an  exclusive car show, Automotive market place, food truck festival, and motorcycle drifting show. This event will start at 09.00 AM till drop.

Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015 is a drift series competition which enables drifters to collect points on each series. On June 6, Mogu Mogu AMF 2015 first series successfully held on at the Mandala Krida Stadium, Yogyakarta. Approximately 7000 people attended that Motorsport festival.

In the first series last June, Amandio won the professional drifter class. On novice drifter class the winner was Nandhang. Another drifter, Ikhsan won the title of favorite drifter and best drifter. For the overall qualifier winner was Amandio, who also won the title of best drift impact and best speed. Drifter Rio S. B. won the title of best smoke and best angle. And, for the best Achilles looking car winner was Evan.

If you have any questions or require further information, don’t hesitate to email us on You can also find Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival 2015 on instagram @achillesradial and @mslideproject, hashtag #amfsby #amf2015. 


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