Aside From Drifters, Noah Also Joins the Party at the AMF ADGP Kemayoran

After successfully holding the previous series in Yogyakarta and Surabaya, Achilles Radial together with Mogu Mogu yet again successfully held a grand motorsport event, AMF Finals and ADGP in Jakarta on 16th – 19th December 2015 yesterday.

The third series (final) of Mogu Mogu AMF 2015 that was held at Parkir Barat JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta did not only compete for the overall championship, but also opened the international championship series of Asian Drifting Grand Prix (ADGP) 2015 series. The ADGP, first held in Asia, was followed by 10 international drifters, including the winner D1GP and Formula Drift 2012, Daigo Saito and drifter other international such as Robbie Nishida (Japan), Rob Whyte (Australia), Brandon Greaves (Australia), Andy Gray (Scotland), Chris Day (Australia), Brent Gordon (Australia), Along rempit (Malaysia), as well as Atsutsi Taniguchi (Japan).

Indonesia as the host of this ADGP event, also brought their best drifters such as Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio, Dika CH and several other experienced drifter. "All the drifters who followed the event already has international license drifting championship. For example, Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio, who had attended various international drifting championship." Revealed Dimasadrie Yahya, Brand Activation of Achilles.

The competition takes place fiercely, until finally one Achilles Radial drifter, Emmanuel A. Amandio with the support of the flagship competition tire 123S, managed to secure a podium place and contribute to the name of Indonesia in the international motorsports world. In addition to Amandio, drifter from Achilles Drift Team, Rob Whyte, also won second place in the opening event of this ADGP.

Here are the results of the competition ADGP yesterday:

1st Brandon Greaves (Australia) - Using Achilles 123S tires

2nd Rob Whyte (Australia) - Achilles Drift Team

3 champion Emanuel Awditya Amandio (Indonesia) - Achilles Drift Team

This festive event does not stop here, in the evening the visitors were present at the main stage where they were entertained by top Indonesian band NOAH. Although rain poured down towards the concert area, visitors are still very enthusiastic to witness the appearance of Ariel and friends. That evening, visitors were entertained with 13 songs from NOAH which were performed continuosly.

Achilles Radial, who had previously held a quiz on social media, gave an opportunity to the three winners of the quiz to meet directly with their idols from NOAH band briefly off the stage.

Joyful atmosphere was present as emotions run on the faces of the winners of this Quiz. They immediately run towards them to take pictures and have time to chat backstage, even some of them, cried after the meeting, they did not expect to meet all of the personnel from NOAH, especially their personal Idols.

"We from Achilles were very pleased and happy to see the winners meet them (NOAH), since this meeting is a joyful experience for the winners of the prize, and we hope that this kind of activity will be repeated in the future" said Katharine Wianna, Marketing Communication Manager.


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