Indonesian Drifters Has Proven That They Are Competent to Compete in AMF 2015/ ADGP 2015

Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2015 in JIEXPO Kemayoran’s West Parking Areal ends last week. This festival, the biggest motorsport festival in Indonesia, is a part of previous festivals in Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

As the highlight event, at 19 December 2015, Noah Band and Karel Susanteo (Mogu-Mogu brand ambassador) succeed to entertain thousands of audience pouring in JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta. Achilles and Mogu Mogu deliberately brought entertainment in every motorsport festival. This is one way to bring Indonesian society closer to motorsport activities. Similar comment came from Noah Band, who is proud being selected to support this festival. Their representative said “Music itself is universal, therefore can blend to wherever and whenever. This is why we are willing to perform in this festival.”

M. Zein Saleh, Marketing Manager of Achilles, expressed his satisfaction in the success of Mogu Mogu AMF 2015 event series. There are 60 local and international drifters participated in the whole event series, divided into professional, rookie, novice, and drift star. “Achilles is very pleased with the development of Indonesian motorsport today, especially because they were seemingly dead in the past few years. This is why Achilles initiated to heat up Indonesian motorsport with this AMF 2015. Indonesian drifter has proved that they are competent to compete with international drifter. This is proved by the success of Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio as the champion of ADGP 2015,” said Zein Saleh.

There are three classes in Mogu Mogu Achilles Motorsport Festival 2015. In Professional Class, the first winner is Evan Pratama, 1st Runner Up is Farhan Maulana, and 2nd Runner Up is Muchammad Irdam. In Rookie Class, Allen Yong became the 1st winner; Ikhsan Utama as the 1st Runner Up, and Dipo as the 2nd Runner Up. Meanwhile, in Drift Star Class, the 1st Winner is Rocca Scwarze, Tri Nugroho as 1st Runner Up and Rama Anggana Putra as 2nd Runner Up.

Best Qualifier is Danny Ferdito and the Champion of series 1, series 2, and series 3 AMF 2015 is Evan Pratama. Other than Champion title, Mogu Mogu AMF 2015 became the opening series of the first international championship Asian Drifting Grand Prix (ADGP) 2015 held in Asia. The winner of ADGP 2015 is Brandon Greaves from Australia, 1st Runner Up is Rob Whyte from Australia and 2nd Runner Up is Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio from Indonesia.

Other than Brandon Greaves and Rob Whyte, there were 10 international drifter participated in ADGP 2015 including Diago Saito, the winner of D1GP and Formula D; Robbie Nishida (Japan), Andy Gray (Scotland), Chris Day (Australia), Brent Gordon (Australia), Along Rempit (Malaysia), and Atsutsi Taniguchi (Japan).

In Mogu Mogu AMF 2015, the audience were able to enjoy entertainments such as Elite Battle Royal that would pick 100 best modification car, motor drifting attraction by freestyler Wawan Tembong, and car stance community gathering in Stance Meet. This event, targeting at 15000 visitors also show other interesting activities such as Final Remote Control Drift Series, Food Truck Festival, and driving simulator.


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