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Tips Perawatan Mobil yang Mungkin Orang Tidak Ketahui

Nowadays, we see a lot of cars around us and they are all used either for working purposes or other personal matters. However, the one of the important things that car owners usually forgets is the proper way to take good care of their car, in order to extend the car’s life span. In this article, we will guide you with some tips that you might not take seriously before, Achilles Mates!

Raise Your Wiper When Your Car Is Directly Under The Sun

To avoid any damages on your wiper blades and to protect its quality, wipers should be raised up when the car’s parked right under the sun. Sunlight will heat the car’s windscreen that will later crack and damage the wiper’s rubber elements. Therefore, it is recommended that you raise the wipers when you park your car under direct sunlight.

Don’t Use The Wiper When You Don’t Need To

Your car’s windscreen can get dusty so easily, especially when you use your car very often. It’s recommended to not use the wiper when there is dust on the windscreen, because it will cause scratches on the windscreen. Make sure you pour water first on the dusty windscreen before you use your wiper to clean them off. Use your wiper only when your windscreen is wet.

Keep An Eye On Your Tire Pressure

Checking your car tire pressure regularly is one of the essential things you must always remember to ensure safety and comfort in driving as well as to avoid any tire damage. Make sure you check your tire pressure once in three weeks to sustain the tire’s lifespan and performance.

Pay Attention To Your Water Coolant

The radiator in your car is used to remove the engine’s heat with the help of the fan either with an electric motor or a visco-fan which is propelled by the car’s engine. If the water coolant doesn’t suffice, the engine’s temperature will rise and damage the engine. It is important to check the water coolant a few times in a week to prevent the engine to overheat.

Replace Your Lubricant Every 10.000 Km

In order to maximize your engine’s performance, you should cover every element with good lubricant. Lubricants need to be replaced so that your engine can run smoothly. There are easy ways to know when you should replace or renew your lubricant. First, look at the color of your oil. If it’s black, then you must immediately replace your lubricant. Second, check the dip-stick near the engine. If the lubricant reaches the “Low” mark, it’s a sign that you should renew your lubricant. Last but not least, check the kilometer on your speedometer. If the kilometer reaches 10.000 kilometer, then you should replace your lubricant with a new one.

Check Your Spare Tire

Most of the time, your spare tire is left unattended. Without having the tire pressure checked, that could lead to the tire’s decompression. If it’s not maintained very well, the tire won’t work as expected or it could even harm the driver’s safety when the spare tire is needed.



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