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Tips Ban Pecah di Jalan

As the only component that makes direct contact with the road, tires are essentially the most important and the most vulnerable part of an automobile. One of the failures that has happened very often and has been the discussion of many drivers, specifically beginners, is the tire blowout, usually in the highway or when driving in high speeds.

Before we get to the main topic of the must-know tips, it is important to review what the causes of a tire blowout are. In short, there are three common causes of a blowout which are Overload, Under-inflation or lack of tire pressure and Potholes. These three combinations can surely cause your tire to fail.

From all the tips that we can give, let us start from the first tip when you suddenly hear an exploding tire.

1. Don’t Panic!

Even if the explosion sounds so bad, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose control. Keep your head cool and keep control of your car. The last thing that any driver wants is an uncontrolled car caused by the driver’s unmanageable emotion.

2. Hit The Gas!

It does sound weird and it’s the other way around of our instinct to hit the brakes and pull over. However, the first thing you must do is accelerate slowly. This is done to create momentum that will stabilize your car. Don’t even think about hitting the brakes in an event of a tire blowout, because stepping on the brakes will make your car to turn 90 degrees and end up rolling on its side. It is still quite safer to hit the brakes for cars that have got an ABS system rather than the ones that doesn’t. But it is still not recommended to hit on the brakes.

3. Keep Your Steering Wheel Straight Forward

After you’ve accelerated slowly, don’t forget to keep your steering wheel straight forward and keep it steady while you hold it tight in your 10 and 2 o’clock. Do not make any sudden or surprising turns that will eventually make your car swing and rollover just as much you brake.

4. Slowly Put Your Foot Off The Gas

After you’ve stabilized your car, slowly let your foot off from the gas pedal. Your car is now reaching a safe point to be saved. So don’t be in a rush to hit the brakes and stop that you’re no longer in control.

5. Slow Down and Pull Over To the Side Road

After you’ve slowed down until your speed hits between 50 and 30 kilometers per hour, then you can pull over to the side road. Congratulations! You’ve finally prevented your car and yourself from having an accident. But always remember to not stop in the middle of the road, even if you’ve already turned on the hazard light and put the Emergency Triangle Sign. Those things are only temporary prevention and they aren’t a 100% safe solution.

So, those are the tips that we can give to you for safe driving. Stay sharp and stay safe, Achilles Mates!

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