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Tips Merawat Ban Mobil Kesayangan

Quality tires also require proper maintenance in order to continue to work in accordance with the desired performance. It’s really not that difficult to maintain the quality of tires. On today articles Achilles Team will share how to maintain your car tires. Check this out mates!

1. Select Type of Tires.

Usage the type that suits the use conditions, load capacity, and speed. Because every car tires has it own load capacity and speed limit.

2. Close Valve Perfectly. 

Replace the valve in a clean, dust-free condition, and with an appropriate cap to prevent a drop in tire pressure, block the entry of dirt, and serve as additional insulation.

3. Do Not Wait for it to Get Worn. 

Worn-out tire will reduce its capabilities. Better to replace the tires when the tire’s depth reach 0.88 mm. Don’t wait until it is completely worn. You can monitor TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) on the sidewall of the tires. If the tread is touching TWI, then it is a signal to replace your tires

4. Car Tire Air Pressure.

An Underinflated tire will cause damage to the tires more easily. While the too high pressure will tear the tire easily and jeopardize your safety, for tires may explode when gets exposed to hot friction too often. Tire pressure should be in accordance with the conditions in order to stay comfortable during the trip.

5. Wheel Alignment and Balancing.

Normally, tires that are used too often, might quickly transform into a less stable position. Do Wheel Alignment and balancing in every 5000km usage to maintain the stability of your tires during driving.

That is the five easy steps you can to do to maintain your car tires condition. In addition to maintain your car tires, always choose high quality tires like Achilles. Because a quality tires always perform better and last longer. Stay safe and happy driving mates!

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