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Pedoman Ideal Menaikan Ukuran Velg Mobil

Hello Achilles mates! Changing Rim’s size is often done by modification enthusiast, the reason of course is to improve the aesthetic and improve car’s performance. Generally, the diameter of rims is swapped with the bigger one. Changing the rim’s size will automatically lead to changing tires into bigger one. But, please remember that there are conditions that must be met in order to maintain comfort.

The most important thing to watch is outside diameter (od). Outside diameter is the diameter size calculated from centre of the rim up to shoulder section. It is better to keep the tires’ outside diameter remains the same with the old one. This is intended that after changing sizes, the tire does not hit the spakbor.

To make sure that the outside diameter remains the same, is to use tires with little aspect ratio. For instance, tire size ban 225/35R19. “225” is the tire width, while the aspect ratio is on “35” that means tire thickness is 35% of tire width of 225mm. The smaller the aspect ratio, the tire is getting thinner.

Therefore, the larger the rims’ size the thinner the tires used. This will impact on the comfort, since the thinner the tires the less ability it has on shocks absorbing. If you are forcing yourself to use rims’ size too big, the impact would be on the gear, tie-rod, ball-joint and wheel-bearing.

So, in order to use slightly larger rims but no disadvantage the comfort, increase the size of the rim for just 2 inch. For instance, if your standard rim size is 14 inch, maximum size recommended is 16 inch. By increasing the size by 2 inch, you can still use the tire with not so small aspect ratio that will disrupt the comfort.

Those are few things that you need to know before you change the rims’ size. Therefore, you can feel comfortable and secure. Stay safe and happy driving mates!

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