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#Expertips: : Menurunkan Suhu Kabin Mobil Dengan Cepat

Change of season usually makes the weather becomes hotter, especially during daytime. Several cities often recorded temperature of more than 37 degree centrigade. You can imagine how hot it is in car’s cabin, especially after being parked in open space. It will make you uncomfortable when start driving the car, especially if the Air Conditioner has not been able to stabilize the cabin temperature.

Achilles team has summarized some tips to reduce the heat effect in car’s cabin. This is important, especially to increase comfort in riding during daytime. So check this out mates!

1. Lower one of the windows

Lower in full one of your car windows. It acts as escape getaway for the heat from inside the cabin. Remember do not lower all your car windows, because this will be closely related to the second step.

2. Swing the car door

This maybe will look weird. But this is commonly used by race car drivers to cool the very hot cabin of race car at the start line. It is quite easy. After lowering one of the windows, you only need to swing open and close one of the car doors. This is to push the hot air out from the cabin, which then will be replaced by cooler air from the outside.

3. Turn the AC on when the Cabin Temperature is already decreased

Do not immediately turn your AC on when the car cabin is high. This can make your AC vulnerable, since the AC will work harder to reduce cabin temperature. Also, time needed to reduce the cabin temperature is also longer. Turn the AC on only when you feel that the cabin temperature is cooling down or not too heat anymore. Since the AC will make your cabin cooler in no time.


Please remember. Always do the three things above, whenever you feel that your car cabin is too hot when you step in. You will feel more comfortable in driving the car, without having to feel uncomfortable due to heat.

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