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Mempersiakan Mobil Kesayangan Untuk Perjalanan Mudik

Homecoming season for Eid Mubarak will start again soon. For those of you that will head for the trip using your car, please ensure that your car is in prime condition to avoid sudden breakdown in the middle of the road.

In order to prevent unwanted things from happening, Ikhsan Utama, Achilles Team drifter will share with us seven tips for pleasant and comfortable. Check this out mates!

1. Check the engine

Before you start the long journey, always check the engine condition to your workshop. If necessary, do the engine tune-up and change the oil. So, your engine will always be in prime condition and working in maximum condition during the home coming journey.

2. Check the Water Cooler

Always remember to check the height of the water cooler. If the water cooler almost into minimum level, fill it immediately to maximum level. This is important so the radiator can cool the engine in maximum manner. Since, home coming journey usually will involve enormous traffic jam that will cause the engine heating easily.

3. Check the Brake and Tie Rod

Detecting the brake is best when the car is running.  When the speed is inhibited or when you slow down the car and the speed reduced drastically, you need to immediately check your brake. Because if left unchecked or rubbing too long will cause sudden brake failure. Don’t forget to check also your suspension condition. This component plays important part in your driving comfort during your journey back home.

4. Check the tire

It is mandatory for car owner to check the tire, especially for long journey. The check involves pressure, spare tire, and tire baldness condition. This is crucial since tire has very important role in maintaining car stability. If you are still using thin tire during homecoming trip, it can cause sudden flat tire. So, when you find out the tire is getting bald, immediately replace with the new one.

5. Check the lights

Check whether all lights in the car are working properly. You need to check the main lights, head lights, fog lightst, brake lights and turn signal. Apart from to assist sightings during driving at night, those lights also have impact on safety driving.

6. Check Wiper

In maintained condition, rubber on wiper will function in maximum manner. This will help you when driving under heavy rain. The rubber on wiper will deteriorate f the car is parked under the sun. High temperature can “melt” the rubber which in turn will cause a frosted glass and creating lines.

7. Check the Car’s Registration

Lastly, please remember to check the registration and the tax payment on your car. This is to anticipate if there is police random check of you are asked to show your car’s registration by the authority.

Those are seven tips for the homecoming trip using your car. If you have practised the above tips, don’t forget to always safe drive mates!

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