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Tips Berkendara Agar Hemat Bahan Bakar

Holy Eid Mubarak is approaching. Most of us are doing the annual tradition of homecoming trip to our hometown. During this homecoming trip, many use their cars as means of transportation. But, before we can meet and gather around with our family back home, tremendous traffic jam is already looming in the horizon.

If you are trapped in the middle of this traffic jam, fuel consumption will definitely increase. This will definitely increase your budget. To avoid all this, Ikhsan Utama, drifter of Achilles Team will share three tips on how to save fuel consumption for your car. Check this out mates!

1. Fill the tank at night

Make a habit of filling the tank at night so the amount of fuel entering your car’s fuel tank will be maximum. Since at night, the temperature of fuel bunker in the petrol station is lower causing the fuel to shrink. That's why the fuel that goes into your car will be more than filling the fuel during the day.

2. Do not Carry Excessive Goods

Try to carry goods as needed. When carrying goods in excessive amount it will increase the load of the car. Due to heavy load, the car will need more power to move. To prodice greater power, the engine needs to consume more fuel.

3. Accelerate Normally

Make a habit of stepping on and off the gas pedal slowly. The purpose is to make the engine works lighter. Also, always maintain the engine speed between 2,000 – 3,000 RPM in the smooth condition. By doing the two above, fuel consumption of your car would be more efficient.

Other than performing three things above, tire selection also plays the part on fuel consumption, said Ikhsan. According to him, there are several types of tire in the market that can save fuel consumption.

One of them is Achilles Desert Hawk H/T 2. This tyre is equipped with HD Silica Technology. This technology can helf saving fuel by reducing the frictional force of the tire to the road so the engine will work lighter. Although, the frictional force is reduced, due to HD Silica Technology the Desert Hawk H/T 2 Still has tremendous power, both in dry and wet terrain.

Well, once you have done all the tips above, don’t forget to always drive safe, mates!

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